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Simplify your delivery operations and manage all of your delivery orders from a single tablet.

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One tablet for all
of your delivery apps

  • Your restaurant works with more than one delivery app and you spend your time looking at multiple tablets to check the orders that are coming in.

    Kitch Connect centralises everything in one tablet, so you have all of your orders on the same place.
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is pos-ible

  • You have to have someone dedicated to registering each order manually because your billing system isn’t integrated with your delivery app and tablet.

    With Kitch Connect, every order that pops in the tablet goes directly to your preferred POS.
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Update your menu
onevery delivery app
with one click

  • Your greatest struggle is updating your menus and which dishes aren’t available anymore. You have to open each delivery app and change everything manually.

    With Kitch Connect your restaurant gets a centralised back office. Has your menu changed? Update it in one place and it will be changed in every platform, at the same time.
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expand your delivery radius. reach more customers.

  • You're bound by the arbitrary delivery radius that regular apps impose on your business.

    With Kitch Connect you can have full control of where your orders are delivered. Define your own radius and reach up to 4x more clients.
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your restaurant works

  • In the Kitch back office you get access to every piece of information you need to understand how your business operates. See exactly what sells, in which channel, get your client information and market your restaurant with special promotions.
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Kitch simplified our processes and helped us to speed up the operation.

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  • Everything in the subscription
  • Priority onboarding
  • Dedicated account management
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Do I have to pay an extra to Kitch for my orders coming from delivery apps

No. We don’t charge you for your orders on delivery apps that are not delivered by Kitch.

How do I receive payments from my restaurant orders?

For orders placed on delivery apps (e.g.,Uber Eats, Glovo, Bolt Food) all payments continue to be made directly to you.For orders placed on your own store, Kitch transfers the amounts to you weekly, net of costs.

Some of my orders may have a low basket size (e.g., below €10). Can I do anything about it?

In these cases, you can setup a surcharge for low value orders. For example, you can decide that customers need to pay an extra €1 for orders below €10 to balance out your economics (and the extra €1 reverts to you, the restaurant).

I have an exclusive agreement with Uber, is it possible to work with a Kitch?

Yes, you can work exclusively with Uber as a delivery app, and still take advantage of Kitch to take control of your online business.

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