Have full control of where your orders get delivered, and reach up to 4x more customers than the regular delivery apps.

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Take back control
of your digital orders


better reach

  • You decide where your orders get delivered with an optimized delivery radii.
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Extended radius

  • Plugin the extended reach you get with Kitch Delivery to the delivery apps with which you already work to reach up to 4x more customers.
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Everything in autopilot

  • Enjoy the convenience of frictionless delivery, fulfilled by professional fleets, fully automated, and integrated with your Kitch tablet.
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Kitch allows us to cover a wider area of the city, getting the Nómada experience to even more people.

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On delivery apps

Use Kitch to manage your delivery app stores and even to increase their delivery reach. Available for Uber Eats

Please note that delivery app fees apply

with delivery

3.9% + €3*

/ order

without delivery

No extra fees

* Additional 1€ per km for orders over 4km up to to 6km (optional)

Do I have to pay an extra to Kitch for my orders coming from delivery apps

No. We don’t charge you for your orders on delivery apps that are not delivered by Kitch.

How do I receive payments from my restaurant orders?

For orders placed on delivery apps (e.g.,Uber Eats, Glovo, Bolt Food) all payments continue to be made directly to you.For orders placed on your own store, Kitch transfers the amounts to you weekly, net of costs.

Some of my orders may have a low basket size (e.g., below €10). Can I do anything about it?

In these cases, you can setup a surcharge for low value orders. For example, you can decide that customers need to pay an extra €1 for orders below €10 to balance out your economics (and the extra €1 reverts to you, the restaurant).

I have an exclusive agreement with Uber, is it possible to work with a Kitch?

Yes, you can work exclusively with Uber as a delivery app, and still take advantage of Kitch to take control of your online business.

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