Go bigger, faster, and simpler! Kitch joined forces with Glovo to give you full control of your delivery operations. Centralize all digital orders. Or even create your own delivery channel. It's up to you.
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hundreds of restaurants of All shapes and sizes trust their digital sales to kitch

how can kitch help your restaurant?

Your survival delivery kit has arrived.

One management platform.
Increase your sales by extending your delivery radius and creating your own independent store.
save money
With higher margins on every delivery and more time to focus on what matters.
Manage your restaurant and menus on all of your delivery apps from a single place.
Protect your identity, recover the relationship with your clients and know what they think of your food.
Integrated invoicing
With POS integration, you’ll have fewer errors and wrong registrations.
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Increase sales, save time, and make delivery easier.

Bringing all your delivery management into one place.

■ order management

where you control and manage everything

  • See and control all your orders —from the different platforms in a single place — their status, and who's going to deliver them.
  • Update your menus across all your delivery apps in one go.
  • Extend the delivery radius and have your restaurant available in many more areas within your city.
  • Improve your performance: see everything that happens in your business by channel and optimize.
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■ online store

Your restaurant's very own online store

  • Create your website. With your identity, your own style, your customers, your promotions.
  • More orders and more profit! It's a new sales channel, with lower commission fees (compared with other delivery apps).
  • Get to know your customers better: access all of your customer's data, know their habits and get in touch with them.
  • Have your own marketing tools. Create promotions, send emails and or go live on Instagram Shop! This is you, taking the lead.
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save up to 60% with your own online store

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■ integrations

Which platforms can you integrate with kitch?

We partner with POS systems and food delivery platforms around the world.

delivery apps

■ glovo

■ uber eats

■ just eat

pos systems

■ revo

couriers FLEETS

■ glovo

■ tookan

■ deelivers

■ stuart

■ ecoscooting

■ Stories cooked in our Kitch

joining forces

— I latched onto the Kitch platform, which eventually became my Netflix.

Nuno Faria of 100 maneiras

The Michelin-starred restaurant did the unthinkable during the pandemic: a menu from scratch (cocktails included) for delivery and takeaway. And so we continue our journey with 100 Maneiras.

— We started using Kitch because of the growing customer demand outside our regular delivery radius.

Chris Gielen of Boa-Bao

Last year, after some hesitation, BOA-BAO decided to pack a piece of Asia for every delivery and takeaway delivery - a new world, a new experience.

— Kitch was the easiest solution to create our digital brand: Reco Reco.

Miguel Peres of Pigmeu

At Reco Reco, Pigmeu's digital restaurant, the pig is the main character. Except here it's taken on wings with a slow fast-food menu designed exclusively for delivery and takeaway.

Did you know you can use Kitch for free?

Find a subscription plan that fits your restaurant. Flexible in your ambition.


Perfect for any new restaurant or small businesses.


per month

Up to 50 orders per month
Centralise all digital orders
Create your own online store
Simple performance metrics


Ideal for growing businesses, multi-brands or virtual kitchens.


per month

Unlimited orders
Customize your online store
Access your customer's data
Create promotions


The dream of full control in restaurants with multiple locations.


per month

Unlimited orders
Management of multiple locations
All marketing tools
Google analytics for your online store


For large groups and large businesses.

Do you have more than 5 restaurants? We have an exclusive offer for you.

■ we're here

Ask us whatever you wish

Do I have to pay more for orders placed through delivery apps?

No. We do not charge for any sales placed on delivery platforms not delivered by Kitch.

How do I receive payment for my online sales?

Payments will be made directly to the restaurant for orders through delivery platforms (e.g. Uber Eats, Glovo, Bolt Food). For orders placed in your shop, Kitch will transfer payments, net of costs, weekly.

Some of my sales have a low amount (under €10). What can I do?

In such cases, you can create a fee for low amount orders. For example, you can decide that your customers have an extra charge of €1 for orders under €10 to balance the cost of that order (that €1 goes back to the restaurant).


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