general questions

I have an exclusive agreement with Uber, is it possible to work with a Kitch?

Yes, under Uber terms it is possible to have your own operation.

I have products with a low average price for the customer (e.g. below 10€)

In these cases, we have a surcharge for deliveries less than X€. For example, the restaurant may decide that for an order under 10€, the customer pays an extra 1€ delivery fee. That 1€ goes to the restaurant.

Do I have to pay an extra to Kitch for my orders coming from delivery apps

No. We don’t charge you for your orders on delivery apps that are not delivered by Kitch.

How do I receive payments from my restaurant orders?

For orders placed on the Uber Eats, Glovo, and Bolt platforms, payments continue to be made via third-party platforms.

For orders placed on your own online store, Kitch makes the payment within the first 48 hours of the week.

How much does it cost?

We have a monthly fee of €49 per month covering our products Kitch Connect, Kitch Store, and Kitch delivery.

In addition to the monthly fee, we also have variable commissions:
Online store: 5.9% per order + 2.49€ per delivery
Delivery (extended radius): 3€ per order + 3.9%

About Delivery

How does the courier network work?

We allow your restaurant to deliver orders in an increased radius (up to 6km). Delivered by professional fleets, managed by Kitch, in a fully integrated manner.

Does this courier network uses any uniform with the Kitch brand or others?

No, they are professional and unbranded fleets.

How long is the delivery radius?

Up to 4x your Uber Eats coverage area, 6km.

About your Online Store

What are the available payments methods?

Credit card, MB Way and meal card

What are the online store features?

This will be your very own delivery and pickup online store, with your brand for your loyal and frequent customers. You can manage your own menu, prices, promotions and access your customers. Kitch takes care of the deliveries integrated with your Kitch tablet, payments, and customer support for you. You can also create a direct integration with Instagram to allow your customers a more quick order.

About Software / Hardware

Do I have to pay for the tablet?

We do not offer the tablet. Our app runs on Android tablets, you can download our app from the Playstore and you can start working right away.

How does the app work?

The app is very intuitive and was built with feedback from several restaurants that Kitch partners.

You can see our demo here.

How does your back office work?

Our back office allows you to set different prices per channel and update menus. It is possible to have different prices for Uber Eats, Glovo, and your online store. We are currently integrating with several POS systems to simplify billing for you

How long does it take to integrate with the delivery platforms?

Between 5-7 business days

let’s join forces and do delivery on your terms.