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hundreds of restaurants of All shapes and sizes trust their digital sales to kitch

It's time to serve more dishes, to more people with much less struggle

order management

where you control and manage everything

  • See the orders from the different platforms coming in to your tablet, manage the ones that are in progress and who's going to deliver them. All from a single device.
  • Each order on your tablet goes directly to your POS if you had integrated it with Kitch. Without any manual work. Simple as it sounds.
  • . Update your menus across all your delivery apps in one go, manage and track the performance of your whole digital business from a single platform.

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online store

Your restaurant's very own online store

  • Create your website. Make it your independent store. With your identity, your own style, your customers, your promotions. And taste the freedom.
  • Earn more with each order and reach your online sales potential more easily. In your Kitch store you have access to lower fees and all of the tools you need to increase your sales.
  • You'll be able to access all of your customer's data, get know their habits and get in touch with them. Who orders the most, how often they come back, greet the regulars and cook them "that" special request.
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One tablet for all of your delivery apps.
A wider distribution area for your delivery apps managed by Kitch.
Connect your orders to your POS and stop the manual work.
Manage your restaurant and menus on all of your delivery apps from a single place.
Protect your identity, recover the relationship with your clients and know what they think of your food.
Integrated invoicing
With POS integration, you’ll have fewer errors and wrong registrations.


Frequently asked questions

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Some of my sales have a low amount (under €10). What can I do?
Can I work with Kitch, having an exclusive agreement with a delivery app?
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