your restaurant's very own online store

Create your website. Make it your independent store. With your identity, your own style, your customers, your promotions. And taste the freedom.

■ how we can help you

Your restaurant. Your customers. Your brand.

■ customization

no more samey. Give it your personal touch.

You have chosen the design and all the details of your restaurant. Online, nothing changes. With us, you can customize everything: website's domain, the colors, and the photos of your delicious dishes.

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■ profitability

More deliveries. more profit.

Earn more with each order and reach your online sales potential more easily. In your online store you have access to lower fees and all of the tools you need to increase your sales.

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■ customer info

not knowing a customer's name? Never.

You'll be able to access all of your customer's data, get to know their habits, and get in touch with them. Who orders the most, how often they come back, greet the regulars and cook them "that" special request.

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■ marketing tools

Create personaliZed promotions and emails

More than anyone else, you know what your customers will like. Create promo codes, discounts, and campaigns based on your customers' data.

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■ Instagram Shop

Your followers are hungry for more

Create your Instagram Shop to sell your dishes to anyone who can't resist, no matter if they're already a customer or not. Promote your dishes in your posts with a direct link to your online shop and make your website visible to your most loyal customers.

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■ Support & deliveries

deliveries, payments, Support. We're your sous chef.

We never leave anything burning. We're here for you, as long as the kitchen works. We help you get the most out of your online shop, and we don't let any customer go without an answer. By email, by phone, and even by WhatsApp.

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■ Stories

Used by amazing restaurants. With different sizes and needs.

— Kitch was the easiest solution to create our digital brand: Reco Reco.

Miguel Peres of Pigmeu
■ born online

At Reco Reco, Pigmeu's digital restaurant, the pig is the main character. Except here it's taken on wings with a slow fast-food menu designed exclusively for delivery and takeaway.

— We started using Kitch because of the growing customer demand outside our regular  delivery radius.

Chris Gielen of Boa-Bao
■ In full expansion

Last year, after some hesitation, BOA-BAO decided to pack a piece of Asia for every delivery and takeaway delivery - a new world, a new experience.

— I latched onto the Kitch platform, which eventually became my Netflix.

Nuno Faria of 100 maneiras
■ A breakthrough classic

The Michelin-starred restaurant did the unthinkable during the pandemic: a menu from scratch (cocktails included) for delivery and takeaway. And so we continue our journey with 100 Maneiras.


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