where you control and manage everything.

There's no place for confusion on your kitchen countertop. With Kitch, you can manage all of your delivery and takeaway orders, in a simple way, and without wasting time.

■ how we can help you

find peace with us

■ order management

The end of THE tablet collection

It's about time. See the orders from the different platforms coming into your tablet, manage the ones in progress, and who's going to deliver them. All from a single device.

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■ menu management

Changing every menu, in every app, every time? Stop it.

Move with the seasons, with your creativity, because you feel like it. Change your menus as often as you'd like and remove what's sold out - all at once, in a single back-office.

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■ INTEGRated pos invoicing

anything is pos-ible

Each order on your tablet goes directly to your POS if you had integrated it with Kitch. Without any manual work. Simple as it sounds.

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■ metrics and performance

learn all the things. Really, all the things.

With Kitch, you'll be able to access everything that happens in your business by channel and feel more confident in your decisions while improving the performance of your business.

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■ integrations

Which platforms can you integrate with kitch?

We partner with POS systems and food delivery platforms around the world.

delivery apps

■ glovo

■ uber eats

■ bolt food

■ takeaway

pos systems

■ vendus

■ zonesoft

couriers FLEETS

■ glovo

■ tookan

■ deelivers

■ stuart

■ Stories

Used by amazing restaurants. With different sizes and needs.

— Kitch was the easiest solution to create our digital brand: Reco Reco.

Miguel Peres of Pigmeu
■ born online

At Reco Reco, Pigmeu's digital restaurant, the pig is the main character. Except here it's taken on wings with a slow fast-food menu designed exclusively for delivery and takeaway.

— We started using Kitch because of the growing customer demand outside our regular  delivery radius.

Chris Gielen of Boa-Bao
■ In full expansion

Last year, after some hesitation, BOA-BAO decided to pack a piece of Asia for every delivery and takeaway delivery - a new world, a new experience.

— I latched onto the Kitch platform, which eventually became my Netflix.

Nuno Faria of 100 maneiras
■ A breakthrough classic

The Michelin-starred restaurant did the unthinkable during the pandemic: a menu from scratch (cocktails included) for delivery and takeaway. And so we continue our journey with 100 Maneiras.


Frequently asked questions

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Some of my sales have a low amount (under €10). What can I do?
Can I work with Kitch, having an exclusive agreement with a delivery app?
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