The life of an independent restaurant-owner and chef is a constant battle.

You have enough on your plate, you don’t need to juggle different tablets and apps. Kitch sets you free with one simple tablet and one revolutionary platform. One place to manage all your delivery orders, track couriers, mark items unavailable, or update your menus across all apps.

But these restaurants - your restaurants - have shaped our cities and our neighbourhood.

They impacted our culture. And so very often, they have made our day.

So we know what you’ve always known: they’re worth fighting for.

You’ve been doing it since day one. Not only to keep your doors open, but to do things the only way you ever wanted to do them: your way.
Not on someone else’s terms.

Why should digital be any different?  
Why should you squeeze into a one-size-fits all solution? That makes you feel like you’re being squeezed out of business, one order at a time?

From now on, we’re
helping you stay open and
stay true to yourselves.

Delivering your dishes
on your terms.

Delivering change.

let’s join forces and do delivery on your terms.

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