Restaurant owners, managers and staff.

we know it’s been tough

You poured your hear and soul into this business. You dreamed big and obsessed over the smallest details.

You made it your own.

Still, you live in a constant battle.

A battle against souless but highly competitve cookie-cutter chains. Against rising prices pushing you and your clients out of their neighbourhood.
So we know what you’ve always known:

independent restaurants
are worth fighting for.

You’ve been doing it since day one. Not only to keep your doors open, but to do things the only way you know them: your way.

Why should digital be any different? Why should you squeeze into a one-size-fits-all solution?

From now on, we’re helping you stay open and stay true to yourselves.

delivering your dishes on your terms.

let's work together

We're ready to give you autonomy and remove all the management nightmares. And more: you can start right now, free of charge.