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your own delivery channelat lower costs

Product: Connect with many orders from different apps

play by your rules


Set up an independent website to sell your dishes direct to your customer, a place where you have full control.

Make your brand shine, build a strong community and pay fair commission fees.

Give more, spend less.

Product: Menu management area

go faster. further. better.


Cover or amplify your delivery areas with Kitch courier fleet partners.

Avoid courier saturation and guarantee smaller ETAs while our support team watches your back. No matter what.

Product: Menu management area

invoicing manually? the fight is over.

automatic invoicing

Enough is enough. Automatically sync your POS system to your delivery platform and say goodbye to the vexing errors.

Take back your time for what really matters.

Product: Menu management area

give them more reasons to order from you

marketing tools

Create mouthwatering promos, a Loyalty Program to reward your regulars and cool email campaigns.

Fine-tune strategically based on your client's info and stats. Let's fire it up.

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Do I have to pay more for orders placed through delivery apps?

No. We do not charge for any sales placed on delivery platforms not delivered by Kitch.

How do I receive payment for my online sales?

Payments will be made directly to the restaurant for orders through delivery platforms (e.g. Uber Eats, Glovo, Bolt Food). For orders placed in your shop, Kitch will transfer payments, net of costs, weekly.

Some of my sales have a low amount (under €10). What can I do?

In such cases, you can create a fee for low amount orders. For example, you can decide that your customers have an extra charge of €1 for orders under €10 to balance the cost of that order (that €1 goes back to the restaurant).

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