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hundreds of restaurants of All shapes and sizes trust their digital sales to kitch

Increase sales, save time, and make delivery easier.

Bringing all your delivery management into one place.

■ order management

where you control and manage everything

  • See and control all your orders —from the different platforms in a single place — their status, and who's going to deliver them.
  • Update your menus across all your delivery apps in one go.
  • Extend the delivery radius and have your restaurant available in many more areas within your city.
  • Improve your performance: see everything that happens in your business by channel and optimize.
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■ online store

Your restaurant's very own online store

  • Create your website. With your identity, your own style, your customers, your promotions.
  • More orders and more profit! It's a new sales channel, with lower commission fees (compared with other delivery apps).
  • Get to know your customers better: access all of your customer's data, know their habits and get in touch with them.
  • Have your own marketing tools. Create promotions, send emails and or go live on Instagram Shop! This is you, taking the lead.
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save up to 60% with your own online store

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Some of my sales have a low amount (under €10). What can I do?
Can I work with Kitch, having an exclusive agreement with a delivery app?
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