sweat and sour:

The passion
to keep cooking.
The struggle
to keep going.

Over the last few years, restaurants have been forced to adapt to new circumstances. Rising rent prices made it harder for them to stay in the same neighbourhoods and close to their clients. Abundant supply and competition created lower margins. A global pandemic forced everyone to shut their doors overnight, and, slowly, come back to life.

As Kitch focuses on creating tools that unite restaurants in the fight to stay open, we get to know them better as well. In the end, this is about more than tech. Or about the money made and saved. There’s a lot more on the table. A lot more at stake.

The Independents is a short documentary series that features stories of sweat and devotion told by the fearless owners, founders and chefs of iconic restaurants in the Kitch community.

We invite you to step inside their kitchens. Get to know what drives them to keep battling, while finding a new way to deliver food outside of their domain: your home.

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